Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend at the beach..

I am soo bad at keeping up with my blog.. but anyways this last weekend was pretty fun. We spent all weekend at the beach and it was sooo gorgeous!! I love the beaches here.. We went to Okuma Beach first and there was a festival that day and then we went to Maeda Point where there's much more coral and rocks and cliffs.. I'm hoping that I can get over my fear of fish and be able to go snorkeling and scuba diving :) I just have to take baby steps.. I know I can do it!

Walking to find a good snorkeling place..
The cliffs and rocks..
A Blue Starfish :)
haha I basically just stuck my head in the water..
They found something to stand on lol
Jay snorkeling.. soo cute!!

The caves were amazing!

The Okuma Festival :)

First time snorkeling

Okuma Beach

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