Tuesday, October 26, 2010

oh whaat?! i have a blog??
i totally forgot haha..

anyways let me catch you up on what's going on right now in my life :)

i have been living in okinawa, japan for about 7 months in a quaint little 3 bedroom apartment overlooking the ocean.. ahh paradise.. i finally have a job working at tsunami scuba, which is a dive shop and i actually enjoy it.. i have officially been married for 10 months and 8 days now, as of today ♥ (&& counting).. i will be coming home november 2nd-28th :)) and will be celebrating my 21st birthday all month long.. i cannot wait to see you all!!

and.. things are looking up.. so i just have to stay optimistic ♥

that's all for right now.. :)) until next time!!
♥ Brenda

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