Thursday, April 22, 2010

I absolutely hate that I can't sleep at night! I am seriously up till about 5 am every night and then for the next 6 hours I toss and turn :( I have no idea what's wrong with me but I am going crazy over here! I hate insomnia!! I'm hoping once I get my wisdom teeth out that'll help and I'm sure that this monthly gift of mine isn't helping either sorry that was tmi haha.. So I've been educating myself online about lots of things lol.. I came across the illuminati which is a secret society and like they're world leaders and politicians who want to take over the world and stuff, it's pretty intense! They're like a power behind the throne.. I totally believe that a lot of our world events are being controlled by these people.. No wonder I don't like any of them.. Also some of you are going to laugh at my theory but I think Tupac is still alive hahaha.. Okay I always thought he was dead until I started looking stuff up and there are sooo many clues and facts that lead to me believing he's still alive.. He was a very smart individual.. And ya I'm so retarded lol well that's all.. I guess I'll start getting ready for the day :) peace!

♥ Brenda

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