Sunday, April 18, 2010

This weekend was definitely an exciting one!
About 2 years ago I was doing some work as a movie extra for the movie The Perfect Game, just recently they released it and from what I've been told I come out in it clearly during their little league world series scene. I'm such a dork and I would get excited over that.. Anyways you should all go watch it.. I'm wearing a yellow dress FYI and my brothers and cousins are in it too.. we had so much fun being in it :)
We finally got our furniture we had been waiting for! No more sleeping on a full bed haha.. We obviously still need to decorate and get a few more key pieces but it's totally looking more like a home and I love it.. If anyone has any interior designing advice please let me know..

Our lovely bed, it's missing pillows :)
The mirror and dresser..
J's favorite of course.. He loves his video games lol
Leather couches.. and missing pillows as well..
Our cute little dining table.. I want to put something in the middle but not sure what..

We just had a blast this whole weekend. From our Friday night adventures out on the town and the beach to our super late night, early mornings watching movies and playing kings cup and just hanging out at our house. Vincenzo, Doc, and Collins are awesome! J also made me breakfast in bed which was sooo cute! He totally made my day.. Then they cleaned our house, how amazing are they :)

When out and about, there are some really talented people out here..

Oh and this is just too funny.. J is gona kill me!!
I love you babe haha

♥ Brenda

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  1. Love the furniture, especially the dining room table! Oh I want to watch The Perfect Game, so I'll make sure to watch out for you guys in it!