Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saying bye is always hard..

The hardest thing about coming to Japan was having to say bye to all my family and friends.. When I got the news I was leaving, I literally had 2 days to pack and leave! It was so sudden and I didn't get to spend enough time with everyone. Luckily my friends and family came over the day before I left to spend some time with me, and cry.. lol
Liz and Keioni
Alysia, Liz, Roxy, Michelle, Keioni, Don, Me, Aaron, and Sean :)
These next pics were at the airport.. There was a lot of hugging and crying happening here too..
Uncle Bryan and Aunt Lily
Mom and Dad
Jackie and Shaniece (hope I spelled it right) :)
Brandon, Jedi, Shaniece, Ralphy, Ashley, Me, Bianca, Andrew, Adam, and Bryan..
We all have red eyes from crying so much :(
Stefanie and Jedi.. he did not want to be photographed haha

♥ Brenda

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