Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby J is sick :(

My poor little baby is sick. He's only been sick once before and it's already my least favorite part of being a mom. I don't like seeing him so miserable. And I feel so helpless sometimes when all he can do is cry to show me he's not feeling well. He's been sick for 2 days now and if he doesn't improve by tomorrow, I'm taking him to his doctor. I'm really not sure if they can do anything but it's always nice to get a peace of mind. 

Earlier today he had a fever and wasn't feeling so well so I had to give him acetaminophen and it was just so cute to watch his little face scrunch up at the taste. I was already cuddling with him and realized I had my camera right next to me. I decided to record him a few minutes later. You can just see it in his eyes that he was not feeling well. And at this point he was just tasting what was inside his cheeks. Luckily the taste didn't linger too much longer after his medicine kicked in and he was smiling again after a few minutes. I hope he gets better soon. Both mommy and baby need some sleep ♥

♥ Brenda

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  1. Aww i hope he feels better soon i love him so much. Love his favorite auntie. :D